Painting a Wall Mural in Your Backyard: 4 Outdoor Painting Techniques

Lead Image for Painting a Wall Mural in Your Backyard: 4 Outdoor Painting Techniques

Painting a wall mural can be a nice way to spruce up an outside wall of your home or other building. The murals will make your house stand out in the neighborhood and can even give your kids a fun background to play beside.

1. Painting a Wall Mural Using a Projector

A projector is one of the easiest techniques for painting a wall mural. All you have to do is pick the design or picture you want as your mural. Then you have to get a black and white outline of it, along with a color version of it. Next, get some transparency paper (which can be gotten at an office supply place) and use the black and white version to make a transparency. You can do this with a copy machine.

Get an overhead projector and project the image onto the wall you want the mural put on. Adjust the image to the size you want the mural to be and then trace it onto the wall using a pencil. All that is left is to buy some paint and use the color version of your image to know what color to paint it.

2. Painting a Wall Mural with Grids

Choose a picture you want to turn into a mural. Use a ruler or other measuring tool and divide the picture up into equal size squares. Then, put that same amount of even sized squares onto your wall. Be sure the squares are the same square as the smaller picture you made. The next step is to draw the image onto the squares using the first picture as a reference. Then, carefully erase the squares from the wall and then paint your picture.

3. Painting a Wall Mural with Paint by Numbers

Many people choose to buy pre-made paint by number kits designed to make wall murals. You can find lots of different patterns and pictures like this. Take the picture from the kit and hang it on your wall you want the mural on. Trace it on the wall with a pencil and then take down the picture. If you are satisfied with the drawn picture, then it’s time to paint it the way you want it to look.

4. Making a Backyard Mural Freehand

If you like to draw, you may want to try doing a backyard mural freehand. Draw the image or design of your choice on your outside wall using a pencil. Make sure it is clear and easy to see. Then, paint the wall with the paint and colors of your choice as appropriate for the kind of wall.

Designing and painting a wall mural can be a fun and creative activity to share with your family. Once it is done, you will have a unique piece of art that your family will remember for a lifetime.