Painting a Wardrobe Armoire

What You'll Need
Putty knife
Spackling paste
Paint roller

Whether it’s newly purchased or you’re giving a facelift to an older piece of furniture, painting a wardrobe armoire adds that special and unique touch. Make the painting session an enjoyable experience by being fully prepared. Get a large workspace ready, gather the appropriate tools and materials, and start painting! 

Step 1 – Take Off the Parts 

Remove any drawers if your armoire has them. Take the doors off from the hinges of the armoire. Also detach the door handles and set them aside. Make sure you have enough space to work with such that you can lay the armoire on its side and set its parts beside it. As you’ll need to leave time for different coats of primer and paint to dry, use an area where you can leave your work for more than a day. Also be sure that your workspace is well ventilated because the fumes from the primer and paint can be very strong. 

Step 2 – Clean Everything 

Before you even think of painting, you want to make sure you’re working with clean surfaces. Use a wet cloth to wipe down all surfaces of the armoire, its doors, drawers, and the handles. You want the surface to be free from any dirt and debris. 

Step 3 – Do Repairs 

While you cleaned the armoire and its parts, note any small holes. These need to be filled so that paint doesn’t accumulate in the punctures. You want the surface to be as even as possible. Use a putty knife to patch the holes by filling them with spackling paste. Make sure that the paste is level with the wood surface. 

Step 4 – Sand the Wood 

When all of the holes have been filled and the paste has dried, use sandpaper to sand down all of the wood surfaces of your wardrobe armoire that you’ll be painting. Only a light sanding is required. This eliminates any bumps on the wood and ensures an even painting area. 

Step 5 – Prime the Armoire 

Paint adheres best to primer than directly to the wood surface. Use a paint roller to spread the primer over all of your wardrobe armoire and its parts. For the corners and harder to reach sections, use a brush. Also prime the handles if you’ll be painting them. 

Step 6 – Paint the Armoire 

Once the armoire is primed, you want to start painting right away. Apply a coat of paint on your wardrobe armoire and all of its parts with the paint roller. Use the brush for harder to reach places. Wait for the paint to dry, and then apply a second coat of paint in the same fashion. Continue applying coats of paint until you’ve reached the depth of color you desire. 

Step 7 – Put the Armoire Back Together 

When the last coat of paint has dried, reassemble the armoire. Insert the drawers, put the doors back in their hinges, and reattach the handles. Your newly painted wardrobe armoire is now ready to use!