Painting Ceiling Tiles the Right Way

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What You'll Need
Latex primer (amount depends on size of ceiling)
Paint (amount depends on size of ceiling)
Foam roller
Paint tray
Spray bottle

Correctly painting ceiling tiles can have a big impact on restoring the original shine to a room. If they have either become dirty or you have grown tired of the ceiling color, you can pain them quite easily. Ceiling tiles can be rather fragile. Follow these steps to ensure that you keep your tiles intact during the process.

Step 1 - Remove the Tiles

Strip the tiles from the ceiling. Lay them on a flat covered surface.

Step 2 - Clean the Tiles

Create a weak bleach solution with the bleach and water in a spray bottle. Use a rag to gently clean the tiles. Removing the dirt and grime will allow the paint will stick better and look better in the long run.

Step 3 - Apply Primer

First apply the primer to the tiles to reduce the paint absorption. You may need to apply several coats. Allow enough time for the primer to dry thoroughly.

Step 4 - Paint the Tiles

Once the primer is dry, apply the paint. Be sure to let the tiles dry completely before replacing them. They will warp if they are placed while they are still wet.