Painting Cupboards: The Latest Trends

When painting cupboards, know the latest trends for decorative and stylish colors and finishes. Refinishing the cupboards is the least expensive, if somewhat labor intensive, way to give your kitchen an update.

Go Natural

Neutral and natural colors are the most popular trend in modern decorating. In other places in the home, the natural color palate means leafy greens, midnight blues, and even the mauves and pinks of sunsets. However, for the kitchen, the natural look is emphasized by the colors of the garden. Look to fruits and vegetables for the latest color trends and patterns. Clean lines and green designs are the buzzwords for kitchens, and a variety of colors and styles work the look.

Bright Colors Add a Splash

One of the colors to make a big hit is a bright yellow. Experts say that painting cupboards with a yellow finish in a high gloss creates a look that catches the eye.

A white wall and white or light countertop provides a balance for the intensity of the yellow finish.

A high gloss intense orange on the cabinets can balance a quieter shade of yellow on the walls.

For a thoroughly modern look, try a dark chocolate wallpaper or paint and a dramatic glossy lime green on the cupboards. Set it off with dark, glossy flooring and countertops for a sophisticated finish.

Consider turquoise walls with yellow or dusty brown cabinets, or bright blue paint with orange cupboards in a high-gloss finish.

Basic White

A return to basic white cabinets is another trend when painting cupboards, as the glossy white surface provides a great contrast to the bright natural colors.

Use lime green, orange, red or yellow on the walls or as accent colors in accessories. The white cupboards with the high-gloss surface will provide a neutral but bright balance to the intensity of the walls.

Preparation is the Key

To pull off the high-gloss look on your cabinets, you’ll first need to sand down the existing finish to provide a good painting surface. Then use a water-based primer for a streak-free base coat, and plan for at least 2 coats of a high-quality water-based gloss paint for a smooth finish.

Distressed Cupboards Pop

For a traditional aged look, try painting cupboards with a technique called distressing. It’s popular for kitchen cabinetry where the updated color scheme is fit into a traditional decorating design.

For this technique, you use 2 different colors that complement those already in your kitchen. Use one as the base coat. Let the paint dry, and sand it off in a few patches. Then apply a single coat of the second color.  Use a clear lacquer to finish the project.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are trying a new technique when painting cupboards, use a cardboard box to practice and perfect your methods before beginning hard-to-fix work on the actual cupboards.