Painting Exterior Brick Veneer

What You'll Need
Brick primer
Roller brush and paint tray
Paint brush
Bleach and detergent
Plastic bucket
Water outlet and hose

You can easily paint exterior brick veneer to restore the rustic appearance and provide beauty and value to your home. Replacing the entire brick veneer is costly and would demand a more complicated procedure. A few simple tips and techniques will make the process a fun and interesting endeavor.

Step 1 – Clean the Exterior Surface

Mix a capful of bleach to a tablespoon of detergent and water in a small bucket. Use a sponge to apply the soapy mixture on all exterior brick veneer surfaces. Spray water on the wall using a garden hose to remove excess soap and let dry.

Step 2 – Apply Primer

Use a paintbrush to apply high quality brick primer on the entire surface. Bare brick surfaces will absorb most of the primer. Apply more primer to sufficiently cover the brick surface. Let the surface dry.

Step 3 – Apply Paint

Pour a moderate amount of paint on the paint tray. Roll the roller brush on the tray and apply paint on the brick surface. It would be best to apply at least two coats of paint to provide maximum protection against the sun and harmful weather elements.

Painting your exterior brick veneer need not be a costly affair. Remember to use high quality primer designed for brick veneers to better facilitate the painting process.