Effects of Painting a Geometric Wall Mural in the Powder Room

Geometric design painted on a brick wall

By their very nature, powder rooms are small. They tend to be tucked into the space under the stairs, in a short hallway, or in an area off of the main rooms. While they provide a much needed practical function, their small space can be challenging to decorate. If you add too many decorations, the space will quickly become overpowered. By the same token, if you do not add enough decorations, the powder room will look barren and bland. Painting a geometric wall mural in the powder room is the perfect way to combat both decorating problems. The ideas below can help you get started.

So Square

A challenge in any powder room is the tendency to feel like you are in a small, cramped space. Give the illusion of a longer and wider room by painting squares on the wall. Use multi-colored squares or a single color. Paint them in a straight line along the wall opposite the door. This line of squares will visually break up the wall and make it appear longer than it actually is. You can also paint squares along the wall behind the toilet to lengthen that space. To paint the perfect squares, use a t-square. It will ensure that your lines are straight and that the angles are 90-degrees.

Bubbly Circles

For a more cheerful look, use circles. Bright, bold colors will make the space feel much different than more neutral, light colors. Choose a color combination that will work for your space. Remember that you do not want it to be a shock for people to enter the room. Use a compass to help you draw smaller circles.

Tumbling Triangles

If adding movement to your powder room through the use of geometric shapes is important to you, create a tall, tumbling tower of triangles. The triangles can be created in the same colors, or use a graduated palette of colors. For example, start with a deep, dark blue for the bottom triangle, then gradually lighten the blue as you move along the triangles. This stacked tower of triangle shapes will make for a focal point that lifts the eye and gives added height to the powder room walls.

Geometric shapes are often overlooked; however, they offer great variety and can enhance the look of any powder room. Use a single shape to create the look you want, or combine a variety of shapes to give your room a unique look. By using geometric shapes, your room is sure to have a modern look that cannot be beat.