Painting Over Brick Tiles

Lead Image
  • 4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 125
What You'll Need
Masonry conditioner
Pressure washer
Scrub brush
Masonry primer
Masonry conditioner
Nap roller
Paint brush

Brick tiles are handy for various interior and exterior siding installations. The tiles are also known as thin brick or brick veneer. They make a good alternative to traditional bricks as they allow you to capture the traditional brick look with less effort.

Brick veneer isn’t as heavy as ordinary bricks, which contributes towards ease of installation. It is also low maintenance and versatile building material. You can install the tiles over stone, wood, or concrete.

The tiles are available in various attractive colors; however, if you have a specific color preference that is unavailable, you can paint the tiles to fit your color scheme. Below are some guidelines to help you paint.


Inspect the tiles for repairs before you paint. Some may have chipped or broken. The mortar that joins the tiles may have worn away in some areas. Replace the damaged tiles with an exact match for uniformity. Apply a premixed acrylic mortar patch to areas that need additional mortar.

Caulk and Seal

Carefully inspect your tiles for hairline gaps and cracks. Apply elastomeric or polyurethane caulking to prevent the infiltration of water into the mortar and tiles. Once water infiltrates your brick tiles, it facilitates wear and tear. If your tiles are installed where you have doors and windows, it is a good idea to caulk around them.

Clean the Brick

Thoroughly clean the brick before you paint to get rid of dust, dirt, and debris. Use a mild detergent and pressure washer set between 1,500 and 2,000-PSI. A scrub brush can be used to clean surface stains. Rinse the tiles well so that you have no soap left behind. Soap residues make it difficult for the primer to adhere to the brick. Allow 24 hours for the tiles to dry completely.

Apply Masonry Conditioner

You may find that your brick tiles are slightly soft or powdery. Use a paint roller to apply a masonry conditioner over the tiles. It helps to consolidate the brick. Allow 24 hours for the conditioner to dry.

Prime the Tiles

Use an acrylic masonry or universal primer that dries in 2 hours, which allows you to paint sooner. Dilute thick primers with some water to facilitate penetration into the brick. Spray primer over the entire tile surface and spread it evenly with a paintbrush.


It is best to use an oil-based paint or 100% acrylic house paint. Apply paint of your color choice over the tiles. Use a paintbrush to evenly distribute the paint over the tiles. Once the first coat has dried completely, you can spray a second coat. You may also use a ¾-inch thick nap roller to distribute the paint.