Painting Stylish Wall Borders

What You'll Need
Painters tape
Fabric craft paint brushes

Wall borders are a great way to spice up the interior décor of any home. When you look at a wall, think of it as a blank canvas in your home. If the canvas is completely blank, it is boring from top to bottom. That is why stylish wall borders are a cheap and easy way to dress up any room. They can be painted in small areas or can be larger to capture the eye more easily. Some of the these wall borders can come pre-made as well, thus allowing you to just roll them on like wallpaper. The true home improvement guru, however, will come up with his or her own design and paint it on accordingly.

Step 1: Measure The Area

A big step in painting a wall border is deciding how large of an area you want to paint. Most wall borders are between 6 and 12 inches wide, but do not let these measurements constrain you. You do not have to be Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, but you also do not have to be constrained in the area for your design. The simpler design hat you choose will be easier to paint, so if this is your first time, do not try to be too ambitious.

Step 2: Stenciling The Design

Use the pencil to etch your desired design on the wall it he area you have cordoned off with the painter’s tape. Using the painter’s tape will help you define the area you are going to paint as well as protect areas you do not want to paint. The design you choose can be done freeform or with the stencil. If you are trying to create a repeating pattern a stenciled design may be easier. A craft store will have blank stencils if you want to make your own designs. Some home improvement store may even sell pre-designed stencils in order to create a repeating pattern. Some patterns will require multiple stencil layers. If this is the case, stencil the first layer, paint it, then repeat the same steps for the subsequent layers.

Step 3: Painting The Design

Follow the pattern you stenciled by painting within the lines with colors you choose. One way to spice things up is to choose colors that glow in the dark. This is especially fun if you are adding a stylish wall border to a kid’s room. If you are using multiple colors it is wise to allow ample time for any previous coats of paint to dry before moving on to a new color. Again, if you are trying a more ambitious design with multiple colors it will take a lot longer than any simple design, so be sure that you plan accordingly.

Now that you have finished your stylish wall borders you can consider doing them on the opposite end of the wall. If you painted the top of the wall, think of a design for the bottom. If you did the bottom, think of a design for the top.