Painting Tips: How to Hide a Knot that Bleeds Through

What You'll Need
Paint stripper
Knot sealant

One of the best kept painting tips in the States is how to hide a knot which repeatedly appears above the layers of paint, so that you can clearly see it when you are looking at a painted surface. Repeated layers of paint don't seem to work, somehow, and you may be left wondering how to deal with this major problem.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Paint

You will first need to get rid of the old paint which is covering the knot. You can either scrape this way using a paint scraper, or you can apply some paint stripper, and then scrape off the loosened paint. Once you have done this, sand down the area of the knot, until you have a smooth surface.

Step 2 - Add a Knot Sealant

Using a paintbrush, apply one of the many knot sealants which are available. These may be ready-to-apply, or you may have to thin them before use. Cover the surface of the knot with the sealant, and leave to dry.

Step 3 - Prime and Paint

Once you have allowed the sealant to dry completely, add a layer of primer, and leave that to dry completely before adding your layers of paint.