Panasonic Bread Machine

Averaging a cost of about $150 depending on the retailer, a Panasonic bread machine provides several different baking options. Allowing you to make a wide variety of breads and doughs, this convenient home appliance from Panasonic includes a 13-hour programmable timer. This feature makes it possible to plan recipes well in advance. You can even add the ingredients and activate the machine in the morning, leave for the day and have freshly-baked bread waiting upon returning home.

Design Specs

The Panasonic SD-YD250 comes with 4 built-in baking modes, including multi grain, French, dough only and pizza. A yeast dispenser adds the rising agent precisely when it is needed, resulting in fluffy, properly-baked bread or dough every time. The removable bread pan features a nonstick coating, making the insert easy to clean after each loaf. Choose from 3 different bread loaf sizes, up to 2.5 pounds per baking session. The units also provides a crust color control function.


After the ingredients are added, the Panasonic bread machine mixes and kneads the bread in the proper sequence. Once it has risen, the baking commences. The included instruction manual offers a number of easy recipes for making all kinds of bread and doughs, from healthy multi-grain to fluffy French bread.