Pantry Systems: Simple And Advanced Designs

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The evolution of pantry systems has gone from basic to advanced designs. The pantry systems can be as little as a lazy Susan under the counter, to advanced systems that incorporate slide-outs and even entire rooms.

An average family pantry is always full of several different food items, cleaning supplies, and even baking appliances. They are kept out of the way so that the counters can be kept clutter-free, while the pantry is a disorganized mess. To combat the problem of pantry clutter, many companies are beginning to come out with not just pantry shelves, but advanced pantry systems.

Simple and Basic

Many people will not be in the need of a large closet system. They have a few items that they like to keep on hand for some baking. This can be accomplished with a simple lazy Susan built into the existing cabinets, or just a small roll-away cabinet with a cutting board on top for more functionality.

Closet Organizers

Some people will need to have a little more room for several food items, and even some cleaning supplies, or small countertop appliances. The use of a closet organizer pantry system would be a great option. Usually constructed of either wire rack or plastic organizing cubes, these pantry systems are easy to install and can be configured to fit your needs.

Pivoting Slide-out Drawers

These are innovative ways to make use of more space. They can be as small as a cabinet, or as large as a refrigerator. They operate on a swivel so that when they are closed, they look like the rest of the cabinets. When opened, they swivel out and contain several shelves and a deep back for more shelves or storage of larger items. If you are remodeling your kitchen to be more modern, this is a great option.

Slide-out Shelving

Operating much like a pocket door, these sliding pantries are a few inches wide and slide into the wall when you are not using them. This type of pantry system usually goes on either side of a refrigerator enclosure.

Pantry Rooms

These are more like large walk-in closets, where you can store a lot of food and other items. In fact, many people turn a room like a laundry room, into a pantry room with an elaborate pantry system. This is only limited by your imagination, but is very elaborate and can even resemble grand bookcases.

Stand Alone, Lighted Closets

This innovative pantry system is a set of stand-alone cabinets that go together to form an entire wall of pantry shelving. They have a front closet door and even contain lights and metal shelving.