Parquet Flooring: Pros and Cons

Parquet flooring consists of wooden pieces arranged in a mosaic-like pattern. Parquet floors are available in different quality and price ranges, such as particleboard covered with wood veneer, to laminate and solid wood, which is the most expensive. When laid in intricate designs, parquet flooring can be quite captivating. It has been in use in construction for ages and has improved considerably over the years. Some of the main pros and cons of parquet flooring are listed below.

Pro: Beauty and Appeal

Parquet flooring adds warmth and beauty to the surroundings. Traditionally, parquet flooring has been in use for centuries, notably among wealthy people and royalty. When properly designed and installed, it can beautify your home like no other flooring material can.

Pro: Easy to Maintain

It is easy to care for and maintain parquet flooring. You only have to remember that abrasive cleaners and rough materials are not meant to be used on parquet surfaces. With regular sweeping and cleaning using compatible cleaners, your parquet flooring will sparkle and look its best.

Pro: Durable and Long Lasting

Parquet flooring can last for generations if taken care of properly. You have to ensure that the flooring is properly sealed and kept clean. Prevent excessive moisture or humidity and follow recommended cleaning instructions. This will keep your parquet flooring looking like new for many years.

Pro: Adds Value

Parquet flooring is a material that adds value to your home. Selection of quality material and proper installation are crucial factors, in the absence of which the final results may be unsatisfactory. On the whole, homes that have parquet flooring are in demand and can fetch higher prices in the real estate market.

Pro: Several Styles and Patterns Possible

Parquet flooring can be laid in several different patterns and designs. With proper planning, you can install decorative patterns that will look beautiful in any space. Parquet flooring provides a unique look that sets it apart from most other types of flooring.

Con: Susceptible to Scratching

Parquet flooring can be easily scratched by small, sharp objects on the surface of the floor. Once damaged, it can be difficult and costly to repair the flooring and restore its original look. It is therefore important to sweep the floor regularly so that dust and dirt do not remain on the surface and cause abrasion. Use of door mats is also recommended. High heeled shoes and outdoor footwear must not be worn on parquet flooring.

Con: Fades in Sunlight

When exposed to bright sunlight for long periods of time, parquet flooring can fade and discolor easily. To prevent this, you must shift furniture around so as to even out the exposure to sunlight.

Con: Can be Damaged by Moisture

Like all wood flooring, parquet is also subject to damage from excessive moisture and humidity. Never leave the flooring wet or damp and always use a slightly damp mop for cleaning.

Con: Requires Frequent Sealing and Polishing

To maintain the look of parquet flooring, it is important to polish, sand and seal it as required. If this is not done, the flooring will look dull and damaged over time.