Parting Stop or Strip

applying a strip of weather stripping to a window

If you have ever looked closely at double-hung windows you have noticed that there is a small strip, often made from wood, that separates the upper and lower sashes and allows the window to slide past each other. This piece of wood is called a parting stop or strip.

Is Your Home Drafty?

Often in older homes that parting stop or strip allows air to come between the sashes and causes a draft within your home. There are products on the market to help make the parting stop or strip weather tight again.

The piece itself could be replaced if you are an accomplished carpenter or do-it-yourselfer, but most folks find a more successful way of keeping their windows weathertight with the use of weatherstrip.

Install Weather Stripping

Place adhesive weather strip on the side of the parting stop or strip when the window is open. Then when the window is closed it will form a tight seal between the sashes that air will not penetrate.

If you feel your home is drafty, be sure to check the parting stop or strip in all your double-hung windows and see if a little weatherstrip will help warm your home this winter.