Parts of Custom Auto Body Kits

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People like to customize their cars with auto body kits. These can range from just a few items to a complete auto makeover. They’re not cheap but if you want your car to stand out from all the others on the road, it can be worth the expense. So what exactly goes into a custom auto body kit?

Hood and Front Fenders

If you’re going to fully customize your car, you’ll need to pay a lot of attention to the hood and front fenders. You might want to replace the hood that came with the car with a brand new carbon fiber hood or maybe just an air scoop that rises up and draws more air into the engine for that old muscle car look. Consider hood pins, too. They don’t do much in terms of performance but they look great!

Right at the front, you can replace the bumper with a new, different design and add a full skirt under that. This will give a smooth, sleek line to the front end with the aim of reducing drag so your car should go faster. After all, what’s a custom car without speed?

You can also put fender flares on your car. These fit in the wheel arches and flare out slightly, improving the look of the vehicle and adding to its distinctiveness.

The Trunk

If you’re serious about a custom body kit for your car, you’ll definitely need to add a rear spoiler which sits either on the trunk, or on the roof above the hatch for a hatchback. It’s an obvious accessory but one that helps keep the car’s rear end down if you’re driving at higher speeds. If you’ve put on a carbon fiber hood, you might want to add a carbon fiber trunk or hatch to complete the look. You can also replace the original rear bumper with a newer, slicker one to match your new front bumper.

The Doors

When it comes to doors, you can add as much or as little as you like from a custom body kit. Door sills look good while a side skirt helps complete the line started by the front skirt. You may want to change the mirrors, too. Racing mirrors with LED lights add a touch of brilliance to the line as well as making your vehicle stand out at night.

You can even replace the entire door on some cars. You should be aware that the replacements tend to be vertical doors, though. These are very noticeable when you open them. Put a pair of these on your car and people are sure to stop and stare when you park in town.

Car Lights

One of the simplest ways for you to customize your car is by changing the lights on it. You can do everything—headlights, tail lights, sidelights — or simply replace some of them. You will need to be aware of the laws regarding lights in your state, or you could end up with a ticket. Even so, there are plenty of choices that will be legal and should still stand out.