Party Planning: How To Throw a Great Superbowl Party

What You'll Need
Paper napkins and plates
Plastic forks, spoons, cups
Large television
Vegetable tray
Chips and dip
Nuts and crackers
floor cushions

Party planning at least a week in advance is a good way to prepare for the Superbowl party you want to host. While most parties require a large budget and extensive planning, hosting a Superbowl party is more casual and relaxed, and is therefore a lot of fun.

The most important football match of the season, the Superbowl is an event all sports enthusiasts watch. Follow these simple tips to throw a party that will be the talk of the town.

Step 1 – Jot Down Key Points

Carry a notepad a week prior to the match to begin the event planning process. Make lists of people to invite, budget, the means and deadline for party invitations, material needed for decorations, food and beverage and anything else that comes to your mind.

Step 2 – Review the Location

You can enjoy a Superbowl game in a large hall or a small living room, as long as you have a large screen television with surround sound to create the perfect ambiance.

Review the room with the number of guests in mind. If the guest list is long, consider having your party at a rented venue. Make sure you find out if advance payment is necessary.

Step 3 – Design and Prepare Invitations

Get creative and make your own party invitation in the colors of the teams playing the match. Use colored paper cut in the shape of a football, helmet, team’s shirt or first letter of the team's name. For a large-scale party, you might consider emailing the guests to save time.

Include an arrival time, which should be at least a half hour before the kick off to give people time to meet each other, guess the winner and settle down to watch the game. Also include the address, directions and an RSVP by a certain date so you know how many guests to expect. Make the party more fun by encouraging your friends to dress up in colors of the team they are rooting for.

Step 4 – Decoration

Purchase generic football decorations from any superstore. Include colors of the team your guests will be rooting for when decorating walls, windows and doors. Make banners and use appropriately colored balloons.

Make caps, flags and placards in colors of both the teams for your guests to use. Hang paper helmets and footballs from the ceiling. You can even draw a line with tape in the middle of the room. Use each half to represent a team and decorate it accordingly. Let your guests sit in their team’s section.

Use benches and floor cushions to create tiered stadium seating.

Step 5 – Food and Drink

Prepare snacks such as nuts, cheese, cold cuts, chopped vegetables, chips with dip, mini sandwiches and burgers ahead of time and place them in sight of the television so your guests do not have to leave the room to get something to eat. Include water, fizzy drinks and beer. Keep paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery nearby.