Patching An Inflatable Pool Slide

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What You'll Need
Air pump
Spray bottle of soapy water
Vinyl waterproof adhesive
Small pieces of vinyl

It’s easy to puncture an inflatable pool slide during summer play, but thankfully, it is rather easy to repair. Follow these steps and have your slide working again in time to continue playing the day away.

If your hole is bigger than the size of a nickel, than you may want to consider buying a new pool slide, as it is rather difficult to patch an inflatable slide with such a large hole. However, if you have a hole smaller than that, these instructions will give you the information needed to fix it quickly and easily.

Step 1 - Find the Leak

The first thing you need to do is find the leak in your inflatable pool slide. This can be done by inflating the slide and spraying the suspected area with soapy water. You should then be able to find the leak because there will be bubbles forming around it.

Step 2 - Create a Patch

An inflatable pool.

Once you find the hole and see its size, you can estimate how big of a patch you will need. Use the scissors to cut the piece of vinyl to a size that is slightly larger than the hole.

Step 3 - Place the Patch

Dry the area of the hole thoroughly and deflate the slide. Apply adhesive to both the edges of the vinyl patch and to the areas around the hole. Press the patch and the deflated slide together. Be careful not to get any glue on your hands, as it can be especially tacky and difficult to remove. Wear gloves if possible and be sure to use the glue in a well-ventilated area.

Step 4 - Put Pressure on the Patch

An inflatable pool.

Use something heavy like a few books or a book with a weight on it to apply pressure for about 24 hours so that the patch has time to dry.

Follow these steps and have your inflatable pool slide in working order just in time to enjoy the summer. Be sure to allow plenty of drying time for the patch to adhere and to ensure that it holds up throughout the long season of pool play.