Patching Dead Grass Tutorial

What You'll Need
Grass seed
Metal rake

Dead grass will not grow back. It can only be repaired with grass seed. The grass seed will need healthy soil in which to take root and grow. 

 Step 1 – Rototilling the Ground

Use the rototiller to turn over the dead grass. Loosen the dirt from the ground, about 4 to 6 inches deep, Remove the dead grass from the tilled earth.

Step 2 – Laying Sand

Pour the sand one inch deep on the bare patches of earth. Till the earth again to mix the sand into the soil. 

Step 3 – Adding Compost

Put 1 inch of compost over the tilled earth and mix it in with the sand and soil mixture. 

Step 4 – Spreading the Fertilizer

Spread a super phosphorus fertilizer on the ground. Follow the spreading rate instructions on the grass seed package. Set and load the spread with the grass seed. Evenly cover the ground with the seed. 

Step 5 – Raking the Seed

Use the back of the rake to gently rake the seed and mix it into the soil. 

Step 6 – Watering the Seed

Use the sprinkler to water the seeded area for 5 to 10 minutes three times a day. Continue with the watering schedule for the next 10 days. When the grass seed has taken root, water the area for 20 minutes, once a day.