Patio Design 4 Tips for Going Green

The patio design is an important issue which requires proper consideration. The design affects both the overall appearance of your property as well as your relaxation area. Some people prefer to go for a patio that is easy to maintain without bothering too much about the type of materials they use. Others are willing to put more effort into the design and maintenance of their patio because for them the space in the backyard should contain materials that are environmentally friendly. One can considerably protect the environment by paying some attention to the materials they use and let nature help them with their work.

Replace Decks and Porches

Patios are much more environment friendly that decks and porches. Therefore, in order to show more respect to nature, it is best if you can replace you deck or porch with a simple patio. You can use stone, bricks or ceramic tiles patios which last longer than porches and decks. They are easier to maintain and are definitely more eco-friendly.

Go for Eco-Friendly Patio Awnings

Some people prefer to install patio awnings in order to protect the area from rain, birds and insects, or just to create shade. Patio awnings can be either made of recycled materials or you can use natural materials, such as reeds. You can also go for bamboo awnings or bamboo blinds for your patio.

Aluminum is an environmental friendly metal, so if your patio awning design requires a metal frame you can always resort to aluminum. It is also light and not very expensive. Even if durable, it needs some processing to make it waterproof. Otherwise it will rust.

Eco-Friendly Furniture

If you want to place outdoors furniture on your patio, you can buy chairs and furniture made of recycled or eco-friendly materials. You can, for instance, opt for furniture made of recycled plastic or resin. These materials are easily maintainable and resistant to temperature changes. They can also have a very pleasant look. You can find outdoor furniture which looks like wood but it is actually manufactured of recycled plastic.

Integrating Nature into the Patio Design

You should also rely on nature to help you with your green patio. Use the existing trees or plant new ones (even if it takes a few years) to obtain shady areas. This way, you might even be able to give up installing patio awnings.

Small trees, like palm trees, citrus trees, Japanese maple trees and weeping willows, can also contribute greatly to your patio’s appearance.

Shrubberies are also nice to plant and integrate in the overall design of your patio. If you want to add even more plants and to give your patio a wild or a ‘jungle’ look, you could add several other interesting plants. You can plant them in the ground or use pots.

If you want to hang pots on plant stands, you should get these in eco-friendly materials. If you do not have the time or are not willing to care for the plants on a daily bases, choose more resistant types of plants that only require weekly maintenance.