Patio Door: Replacing the Screen in Your Screen Door

What You'll Need
Spline Roller
Replacement screen
Utility knife

You can quickly and easily replace the screen in your patio door without needing a lot of tools or construction skill.


Step 1 - Remove the Door

Remove the door from the hinges so that you can lay it down on a flat surface. If this isn't feasible because of the type of door, you can still proceed with the remaining steps; removing the door just makes it easier to replace the screen. If your hinges are stubborn, slip a screwdriver under the edge of the bolt and lightly tap with a hammer to loosen.


Step 2 - Remove the Spline

The spline is the rubber like material that holds the screen in place inside the frame of the door. You will need to lift it out using a utility knife or other flat edge. If it is still pliable and comes out in one piece, you should be able to use it with the new screen. If not, you can buy a roll of spline material at any home improvement store.


Step 3 - Remove the Old Screen

Once you've removed the spline, the old screen should be easy to pull out. While you will most likely discard the screen, this type of mesh material does work well to keep leaves and debris out of your pond during the fall and winter, so you may be able to recycle the material.


Step 4 . Roll Out New Screen Material

Lay the new screen over the opening so that there is equal amounts of extra material on all sides. Using your spline roller (easily obtainable at any hardware or home improvement store), press the screen into the grooves. Start with the long side of the screen, and follow by pressing the spline in along that side to hold the screen in place. Repeat with each remaining side, being sure to pull any extra screen material tight as you get to the last edge. Cut out the excess screen material with your utility knife so that there are no rough edges.


Step 5 - Rehang Door

Rehang your door. Use a hammer to gently tap in bolts if they are stubborn. The sit back and enjoy the cool breeze - without the bugs!