Patio Pavers: Filling in the Gaps

Patio pavers are a great way to add stylish appeal to your outdoor space. Not only are pavers available in multiple colors, but there are also a variety of different paver styles and designs to choose from. 

How to Choose the Right Pavers

Before choosing your pavers, analyze the area you're going to be filling in. Is the area a walking path? A border? Depending on the purpose of the area, you may want smaller or larger pavers.

Installing in Your Patio Pavers

Putting in your pavers is a quick and easy do-it-yourself project. You simply need to buy the pavers as well as paver sand.

  • Dig out the area where you are going to lay the pavers.
  • Put down a layer of sand. Be sure to smooth the sand and make it level.
  • Lay in the pavers.
  • Sprinkle more sand on top of the pavers and use a push broom to spread the sand over the pavers to fill in the crevices.