Patio Screen Door Replacement

Lead Image for Patio Screen Door Replacement

A patio screen door is a great way to enjoy a summer breeze without the worry of insects. You can find a replacement patio screen door with various designs. All of these have a screen in the top half of the door but some may also have screens in the bottom half. This article will show you how to purchase a new patio screen door in order to replace the old one as well as how to install it.

Removing the Old Door

Prop open the interior if it's self-closing. Take a close look at the door that is currently in place. If the door is an old one that you are replacing then you may have to remove the entire frame. Locate the hinges of the current screen door and instead of removing the pins, remove the screws. You will be taking the entire hinge off of the door frame as your new door will have its own hinges. If the current patio screen door has a frame that is independent of the regular door frame you can remove it.

Getting the Right Replacement

Use the tape measure and take down the measurements of the door opening. Concern yourself with both the height and the width. Purchase a replacement door that is as close to your measurements as possible. It is better to buy a patio screen door that is larger than your measurements because you can trim the frame to fit your door opening. If the door you picked up is too wide, then trim an equal amount off each side. Remove a little at a time and always test fitting the door after each trim.

Installing the Patio Screen Door

Place the new patio screen door in the door frame. Check for clearance before continuing forward. You want to have at least three hinges on your new screen door. Purchasing an entire patio screen door package is recommended for ease of installation as well as being cost-effective. Install the hinges on the door if they are not already installed. Use some screws and an electric screwdriver. If the door you purchased only has two hinges you can easily add a third to the center of the screen door. The door frame will already have the holes drilled, so line the hinges up with the holes on the door frame. Install the hinges using the screws and the electric screwdriver. If you need to add a third hinge then drill pilot holes in the door frame using the hinges as a template. Insert screws through this third hinge.

Finishing the Installation

The door you purchased may be completely assembled but, then again, it may require some finishing touches. These can include installing the handle, brackets, and pneumatic closing units. Your particular door will come with instructions on how to do handle these issues. It is always best to follow the instructions that come with the door.