Patio Table Umbrella Colors - Which Ones Fade?

A patio table umbrella offers resistance to the sun and other elements, so it's important to choose a fade-resistant color for the umbrella to ensure optimal durability. There are many color choices available, but the following information will highlight which colors are more prone to fading and which are the best in resisting it.

Light vs. Dark Colors

When choosing a color for your umbrella, be certain to choose a color that will continue to look vibrant even after the sun takes its toll. Some colors, like red or blue, will fade and look washed out more quickly than the colors orange or yellow. The lighter colors repel the sun's rays better than the darker colors. Those darker colors will tend to absorb the sun and fading will occur at a faster rate.

Neutral Colors

For an ultra long lasting choice, choose a neutral color like tan, khaki, stone, ivory, or eggshell. Not only will these colors stay true longer than brighter colors, but it's easy to change the other colors in your outdoor landscape without worrying about matching the umbrella color. Therefore, you will be getting a great fade-resistant color for your umbrella and will not have to worry about any necessary change in your decor.