Statuary for Spectacular Gardens

The absolute appeal of garden statues remains constant, even though the size and style of statuary may vary greatly. From the classic and sophisticated to the whimsical and totally amusing, garden statues offer an ideal way to extend your personal tastes into a forum that can be shared with many individuals.

In fact, garden statuary has been used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of gardens for centuries. One of the true delights of garden statuary is the abundance of styles or motifs that are available. Selecting a motif for your garden will depend upon several things - your personal taste, the present state of the garden, the size of the garden, any statuary that is currently in your garden, and the style of home you have.

Once you have made your decision, attempt to keep to your chosen motif as closely as possible. While some categories lend themselves to easy transition from one to the other, many do not. If the theme of your garden remains constant, it will provide a unique and charming atmosphere.

Whereas the majority of statuary often remains in its natural color, some garden statuary is painted in realistic colors for those who prefer the bright display. Since painting the statues after purchase is purely a matter of personal preference, many are left unpainted for the customer’s individual attention.

Designs and Motifs

Over the years, the appeal of garden statuary has widened, and therefore, the variety of available statue motifs has increased enormously. Whether you select a classical theme, a religious theme, or something on the lighter side, there will be plenty of statues to select from either online, a garden store, a concrete and statuary specialty store, or even discount stores.

The practice of placing statues in one's garden has its roots in the classical themed statuary of the ancient Greeks. Many of the older statues have become well-recognized for their greatness. Elegant, sophisticated, and well-designed are only a few of the words that can be used to describe classical statuary.

Greek gods and goddesses have often graced the more elegant of gardens and public spaces, and continue to appear in many of the finer gardens today. In fact, Greek sculptures, which portray the idealistic images of people, have dominated garden statuary for many centuries.

Roman statues, inspired by the work of the Greeks, portrayed a more realistic version of people. Reproductions of the works from some of the greatest sculptors the world has known can be seen in public areas throughout the world.

Religious figures from the Christian faiths compose the majority of statuary available with a religious theme. While each of the religious statues pose a symbolic meaning, the statues of Saint Francis and Saint Fiacre have a more significant meaning.

Saint Fiacre is considered to the patron saints of gardens and is entrusted with the task of watching over the gardens of the world. Quite often, a statue of Saint Francis can be found in a garden surrounded by many statues of animal friends and children. Other popular figures for Christian statuary are Jesus, the Virgin Mary, various saints, angels, and the Madonna.

Outside the Christian realm, an entire selection of statuary showcasing Buddha are available. Temple dogs, gongs, pagodas, lanterns, fountains and grottos are prominently displayed to portray an atmosphere of serenity and peace.

The regal lion has been the traditional animal statue for quite some time. Forest and jungle dwelling animals have also been quite visibly noticed in many gardens including eagles, bears, deer, elephants, donkeys, giraffes, birds, mice, rabbits, squirrels, frogs, and turtles.

However, domesticated animals have been coming to the forefront of garden statuary in recent times. Dogs and cats of various breeds and in various sizes are making themselves very comfortable in the personal gardens of many families. While the family pet seems to be quite popular, statues of puppies and kittens are much easier to housebreak.

To add a bit of charm, fantasy, or frivolity to your garden, consider the unique look of mythical creatures from legends and fairytales. Whether mythical creatures existed in the real world in past centuries or not, they certainly exist in statuary centers today.

Mythical figures have been known to cause feelings of fear, curiosity, and delight. Garden visitors of all ages will enjoy gazing upon the fantasy inhabitants of a mythical garden. The sheer mystery and wonderment of the creature will bring visitors back for another look.

Statues of mermaids, unicorns, leprechauns and gnomes can set an atmosphere of intrigue and expectation. For a milder approach to fantasy, consider something a bit more commonly accepted such as fairies and sprites. Gruesome gargoyles, sea serpents and fire breathing dragons are considered to be at the center of the more sinister mythical creatures and are often found in gardens of owners who are intrigued by their mystique.

While not quite as popular as many other statuary themes for gardens, busts of famous individuals make their appearance in public foyers, buildings, and gardens throughout many towns. Famous composers, presidents, and other leaders of society, including Beethoven, Shakespeare and Julius Caesar, are generally selected for display.

Regional and Historical
Regional and historical statues also have a place in many gardens. Statues designed from elements of many cultures, including African, Egyptian, American Indian, American cowboy, and countless others, have been in vogue for many years. Pride in one’s cultural background can easily be displayed with a few selectively placed statues.

Lifestyle and Life-size
Statues of children have increasingly gained popularity over the years as parents focus much of their energy and time on raising their own children. The statues are quite lifelike and add a pleasant, family feel to the garden.

More often than not, the statues will include the figure of more than one child. Small children sitting on a garden bench, standing with a small domestic animal at their side, or playing with a ball, find a home in many a family garden.

Additionally, more and more statues are created with a unique theme in mind. In particular, several sports have found their way into this line of decoration, including golf, fishing, and baseball.

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