Paver Walkway Construction

What You'll Need
Edging material
Crushed stone
Builders sand
Push room

For any construction that you undertake it is very important to have a well designed plan before you commence with it. Similarly while constructing a paver walkway will become a very easy task and there are more chances of being successful at it when you begin with a plan which can be followed step by step. Before you begin to work on the paver walkway construction it is always advisable to have a picture in mind so that the whole task becomes a cake walk

Step 1 – Lay Out a Template

Decide the size and the pattern for the walkway. Once the basic design is decided it becomes easier to lay a template with the exact measures and the pavers for the walkway. One of the most used patterns is that of Herringbone and one you can modify it as per your needs.

Step 2- Dig a Channel

Dig a channel with a depth of about 7 inches for the walkway. If you wish to have curves in the design a garden hose can be used to lay the length for it. To make a uniform walkway the distance between the hose lengths should be carefully measured.

Step 3 – Lay Base Material

Use crush stone to fill about 4 inches of the channel and then in order to enclose the material, edging material should be inserted on both sides of the channel. Take care that the edger should be about one inch higher than the paver top when all the material is in place.

Step 4 – Stabilize the Base

Sprinkle builder’s sand using a spade between the crushed stone. Try and ensure that he space between the stones is filled with the sand. After stabilizing the crushed stone with the sand about 2 inches of tamped sand should also be added. By using the side of a board cut equal to the width of the walkway, the surface should be leveled.

Step 5- Install the Pavers

Install the pavers one after the other by fitting each in the place using a mason’s mallet. Even spacing needs to be ensured while tamping the pavers.

Step 6 – Sprinkle with Builder’s Sand

After the pavers are fitted the walkway needs to be sprinkled with builder’s sand. Ensure a good amount of the sand is sprinkled and it finds way in the crevices by using a push broom.

Constructing a paver walkway is not a difficult task as it sounds like. One needs to have a pattern and measurement in place and it then can be made in time, very easily. So follow the above steps and enjoy a stroll on the paver walkway that you made on your own.