Paving A Brick Path In Your Yard

A brick path can enhance your yard while increasing the value of your property. There are two ways to create a brick pathway: cement the bricks into the surface or lay them into sand.

1. Design

Sketch the design of your walkway from point to point. The shape will to determine the types and amounts of materials you need.

2. Choose Cast or Fabricated

To create a strong pathway, use fabricated or cast brick for durability. Standard sizes are 3.75 or 7.5-inches long and 2 1/8-inches thick.

Gather your brick, base layer gravel and all tools necessary to tackle the project.

3. Create Outline

Outline your pathway on the ground. Either paint it or string stakes to mark where it will be installed.

4. Dig

Dig out your marked off area, removing sod and soil at least a few inches deep to allow for proper drainage. Keep in mind that different areas require different depths, so you may want to contact a professional for specifications.

5. Footer

To make a surface for the bricks, either pour a concrete footer or apply a layer of roadbase or ¾-inch gravel. Then apply a second layer of sand, 3 to 4 inches deep, to act as a base support.

6. Border

Create a border area by edging the sides with some type of material. You can use bending board or heavy plastic boarding.

7. Lay Bricks

Place brick or brick pavers either firmly into the poured concrete or at least 1 inch into the layer of sand. For maximum stability and better drainage, your entire base depth can be much as 8 inches. Keep in mind that you will still need a minimum of 1 inch of gravel and another 1 inch of sand.

8. Create a Design

When laying bricks, try a pattern like the herringbone, basket weave or staggered bond. Be creative. You can create any design that can be accomodated by the width of the pathway.

9. Fill Mix

Between the bricks, apply a mixture of 4 parts sand and 1 part cement. When finished, hose the surface area lightly to allow the cement to start setting. Repeat this process until until the entire surface of the pathway is smooth.

If you don’t want to use a mix, brush builder's sand into all the cracks. Hose it down lightly, and then add another layer. Repeat until the sand is level with the top of the bricks. Simply brush away any excess sand.