Peel and Stick Roofing Underlayment vs Felt Roofing Paper

If you are looking for a suitable roofing felt for your home, and want to get the best available, then you may be torn between peel and stick roofing underlayment and felt roofing paper. The former is a modern invention which is designed to be more easy to place on a roof, and need less professional assistance. However, both these types of roofing felt have pros and cons.

Peel and Stick Roofing Underlayment

This type of roofing felt is often used for materials that need to be enhanced in some way, so that you might find a peel-and-stick which allows a high temperature suitable for metal roofs, or one which has a water shield, placed below fiber cement roofing. On the downside, this type of roofing material is very expensive, and it can be difficult to obtain.

Felt Roofing Paper

Felt roofing paper is a traditional roofing material which is used by professionals and amateurs alike. If you want a cheap and easily available underlay for your roof, then you are probably interested in this material. However, felt paper made from natural ingredients can be effected by rain and cold, causing it to rot or wrinkle. This, and the fact that it is more difficult to lay, makes it a bit more of a problem for the amateur roofer.