Pellet Stove Hearth Construction Tips

A pellet stove.

Adding a pellet stove to your living area can be a great source of beauty and warmth and boost the value of your home. Here are a few tips on how to add one.

1. Placement

The most important thing to think about is the placement of the pellet stove. Safety should be the primary concern so be sure to check with the stove manufacturer as well as the local fire department to get their recommendations.

2. Foundation

The foundation of your pellet stoves hearth is vital as this is what will prevent the floor from being ruined, or worse, catching fire. The hearth pad should be something non-combustible, such as cement backer board, Wonderboard, concrete, or sheet metal.

3. Hearth Material

There are three basic materials to think about for a pellet stove hearth. Depending on your home décor and the practicality, you may decide on traditional brick, a contemporary tile design, or the beauty of a natural stone.

4. Design and Build

Before you begin to build, have your design ready and the appropriate materials purchased. This will save time and headaches during the actual construction. No matter what you have chosen for design or material, a pellet stove is an efficient heating source.