The Perfect Furniture to Have in a Guest Room

Furnishing a guest room is a chance to indulge in colors and furniture that may be out of place in other rooms of the house. It is a room that can take on a multitude of decors, as long as, the overall feel of the room is restful and welcoming. However, there are a few essential and perfect furniture pieces to have in a guest room.

The Bed

For a room that is solely used as the guest room, a comfortable, firm mattress and a sturdy bed frame are a must. Unless the average guests are a couple or someone who takes up a lot of bed space, a queen size bed will most often be ideal. It is large enough for two people, but not too big that a single person would feel swallowed up by the sheer size of the mattress. Look for a bed frame that compliments the room's decor and is not too overpowering. The key to a comfortable guest room is its welcoming feel, and the bed should be the focal point.

Bedside Tables

It is an absolute must to include two bedside tables, one for each side of the bed, in a guest room. Guests typically want to keep cell phones, watches, eyeglasses and jewelry close at hand, so that they do not forget them in the morning. It is also a good idea to include a small nightstand lamp on each, so that guests can control the amount of light in the room.

Armoire/Dresser Combination

In a guest room, an ideal piece of furniture is an armoire/dresser combination. It will usually have shelves or drawers on one side and a hanging rack on the other. This allows guests to hang up any clothes that may become wrinkled and put the remainder of their clothes in drawers. Most homeowners use guest room closets for storage, so the armoire/dresser combination piece provides the necessary guest space without sacrificing everyday storage needs.

A Bench

Placing a bench at the end of the bed is an often overlooked piece of furniture in a guest room. However, it is perfectly suited to a guest room and should be included if space and the budget allow. A bench provides guests with a place to sit besides the bed, to take off and put on shoes, to put a suitcase while packing or unpacking, and to just rest for a moment in the room. Although a padded and upholstered bench would be perfect for a traditionally furnished bedroom, an unpadded, wooden bench would work just as well in a more modern decor.

When furnishing the guest room, keep in mind that guests will be more interested in the comfort of the mattress, pillows and bedding than they will be in the room's decor. A comfortable, restful spot to sleep and dress will be greatly appreciated. If the budget allows, invest in a more expensive mattress to provide many years of restful sleep for old and new guests alike.