Perimeter Drain

A perimeter drain.

When constructing a building you will need to consider a perimeter drain. If allowed to stand around the foundation of a building, water may damage the foundation, seep through into the basement, and wreck havoc on an otherwise beautiful building.

The Important Role of a Perimeter Drain

People used to build houses with cellars. Coal and winter vegetables were stored in cellars that were dank and damp. No one was expected to spend time in their cellar so dampness was not an issue.

However, in this day and age cellars are called basements. People spend time in their basements—family rooms, laundry facilities, and even bedrooms are built into our basements, so they must remain warm and dry to keep us comfortable. Therefore we want to be sure that the perimeter drain is adequate to keep us comfortable.


Perimeter drains are located next to the exterior foundation and are wrapped with fabric connected to the footings. The foundation wall should be damp proofed and sealed to be vapor proof to help control dampness from creeping up through the footings. Correct construction of perimeter drains will help prevent dampness in your basement and ensure your warmth and comfort year-round.