Permeable Paver Patio Installation: Mistakes to Avoid

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A paver patio installation will give you a long-lasting patio surface, which will resist erosion and flood damage. Avoid the common errors listed below when installing permeable pavers.

1. Avoid Using a Shallow Base

You need to dig a base for a permeable paver patio at least 12 inches deep. If your area is subject to heavy frosts and deep snow, make the base 14 to 16 inches deep. Put in a gravel base six to eight inches deep and add coarse sand. Lay another one-inch gravel layer above that base, and the top layer of coarse sand.

2. Don't Forget Erosion Fabric Under the Pavers

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Place a layer of erosion-reducing fabric on top of the lowest gravel layer under the permeable pavers. This will help keep the paver base solid, so it will resist shifting, and prevent weeds from taking root.

3. Avoid Using Dry Sand Under the Pavers

Dampen the sand laid directly below the pavers, so it will compact firmly, and can be leveled out easily.

4. Don't Skimp on Compacting the Pavers and Sand Fill

Use a mechanical compactor to settle the permeable pavers and the sand fill. Well-compacted pavers prevent weed and grass growth on your patio, and resist erosion, heaving and shifting, as snow and ground frost melt in spring.