Persian Wool Rug Stain Removal

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What You'll Need
Cleaning solvent
Mild detergent
Blotting rag
Unscented hairspray

When it comes to your Persian wool rug, not all stains are created equal. Depending on what was spilled on your rug, you will need different products and methods to get the stain out. If you don't know what was spilled, consider calling in a professional carpet cleaner.

Keep in Mind

Always blot, never rub. Rubbing will actually help the stain soak into your rug. The best way to blot is to gently press your knuckles to a towel spread over the stain. Also, always use white towels, paper towels or napkins. Colored versions can actually leak some color into your rug, damaging the design and color.

Oil, Butter, Grease

To get oil, butter or grease out of your Persian rug, first you must remove any remaining spill on top of your carpet. Then, using a non flammable, dry-cleaning solvent, clean the stained area by blotting dry and brushing gently.

Ballpoint Pen Ink

For removing an ink stain, use an unscented hairspray, soaking the stained area and then allowing it to dry completely. Once the area is dry, apply a small amount of water and vinegar, blotting dry.

Egg, Milk, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Sugar, Salad Dressing and Blood

Use a solution of one cup of water, two tablespoons of ammonia and one tablespoon of a mild detergent. Scrape any semi solids from the stained area and blot any remaining liquid. Apply the mixed solution to the stain, then blot the area. Brush the pile gently, then place several towels over the treated area, weight them down and then let dry. Once they have, apply a non-flammable dry-cleaning solvent. Let the carpet dry and then gently brush up the pile.

Soft drinks, Coffee, Tea, Wine, Beer

Use a solution of one tablespoon of a mild detergent, 1/3 of a cup of vinegar and 2/3 of a cup of water. Scrape off any semi solids and blot any liquid. Apply the mixed solution to the stain, then blot the area and brush the pile gently. Place several towels over the treated area, weight it down and then let dry. This approach can also be used to clean up vomit, urine, or scat.

Lipstick, Nail Polish, Rust, Candle Wax, Dried Mustard, Furniture Stain

These stains are extremely difficult to remove and should be handled by a professional carpet cleaner.