Personalize your Hammock Stand

Dog sleeping in a hammock

Decorate your hammock stand to put a little of your own personality in your relaxation area and make your hammock more comfortable during use. From the design of the stand to little unique additions, the following list offers a few of the many ways you can make your hammock your own.

Step 1 - Styles and Patterns

Hammock stands come in several shapes and designs. Some must be placed on perfectly level ground, and others can be adjusted to handle an incline from one end to the other.

Your hammock material can be a solid color or bright patterns. You can even select from a wide range of trims that accentuate your patio or garden.

Step 2 - Customize Accessories

Use a large colorful patio umbrella or fluffy pillows to make your hammock even more comfortable and enjoyable. Place an outdoor rug or mat beside the hammock to help prevent tracking dirt or grass into the fabric. Surround the hammock with small end tables, special cup holders or shelves within reach of a cozy afternoon's recline.

Step 3 - Create an Atmosphere

pillows and blanket in a hammock

Paint the hammock frame to blend in with any theme you desire. The local paint store will have stencils - like for a leaf pattern, for example - so application will be quick and easy.

You can also give the area a tropical feel by adding colorful potted plants nearby and installing a few tiki lamps for atmosphere. A nearby garden pond or fountain makes a nice touch, especially if the hammock stand is naturally shaded.

Step 4 - Personal Decoration

Your hammock and stand can be personalized in any way you choose. Paint the stand or decorate with decals or other accessories. The hammock can be embroidered or embossed, hung with frilly tassels, or outfitted in the colors of your favorite sports team.

Add pillows featuring pictures of your family, pets or even your favorite people. Your hammock should be an extension of your personality, so decorate it to suit your mood.

Step 5 - Innovative Ideas

Build a small pergola or gazebo to house your hammock and provide shade, giving it a more classic appearance.

Never place a hammock over a real hole in the ground, but consider creating a structure that resembles a large old-fashioned well. If room permits, this could be the perfect way to accent your garden or patio.

Keep in mind that man who built a simple box shaped like a tractor, large enough to contain his hammock stand. When he needed a getaway, he told his wife he was going outside to spend some time working on the tractor.