Pest and Disease Control of Your Black Cherry Tree

The black cherry tree is a beautiful plant to have in your backyard, but it is also prone to a number of pests and diseases that could harm the tree's health. If you want your cherry tree to live a long life and produce plentiful fruit, you must learn how to control pests and infestations.


The black cherry tree is the favorite haunt of a few different insects, including black cherry aphids, borers, San Jose scales, cherry fruit flies, pearslugs, tent caterpillars and the oriental fruit moth.

Aphids are a common problem with cherry trees. They are small, soft-bodied insects that may or may not have wings. Leaves infested by aphids become stunted, twisted, and curled. In addition, the honeydew created by the aphids drips all over the plant's leaves, fruit, and the ground.

These bugs also attract ants and can stimulate the growth of a black fungus in locations where the honeydew has fallen. You can treat for aphids by spraying with an insecticide.


You'll know that borers have invaded your cherry tree if you see small holes appearing in the trunk. A sticky sap drips out of the holes as well. When borers have infiltrated a cherry tree, the leaves and branches may wilt and die during the growing season, turning brown. If you maintain the health of your cherry tree by giving it enough water and fertilizer, borers are much less likely to cause damage.