Pesticide vs. Insecticide

Pesticides and insecticides are both meant to kill living organisms. The difference is that insecticides are specifically formulated to kill insects only, while pesticides will kill plants, fungi, small mammals, birds and other organisms.


Pesticide Information

There are many categories of pesticides, including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, rodenticides and molluscicides. Although pesticides are meant to target just one specific thing, many can have a serious effect on other organisms. Many pesticides are extremely poisonous and even deadly if used improperly and many require a license to apply. Use pesticides sparingly and try to opt for organic ones over chemical ones if possible.


Insecticide Information

Insecticides are formulated to kill specific insects. The use of these combined with other pesticides have increased farmers’ abilities to increase their food production greatly over the last century. There are many natural and chemical insecticides that you can use to help fight pests in or around your home.

Be careful to read all labels and educate yourself on the insecticide or pesticide product you choose, as many of these products can be very harmful to both humans and pets. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and read all precautions before using any product.