Make a Pet Bed

What You'll Need
2 yd. fabric
Polyester fiberfill
Egg crate foam or 2" thick foam
Thread to match fabric
Electric knife or box cutter
Sewing machine
Straight pins
Iron/ironing board

To make pattern for bed, tape newsprint together to make a large sheet of paper. Lay basket on top of paper and outline bottom on newsprint; cut out pattern.

Fold fabric in half, right sides facing. Center and pin pattern on fabric. Cut around pattern ½" from pattern edge; remove pattern.

Pin fabric pieces together. Sew approximately ½" from raw edges of fabric leaving a 6"-8" opening for turning and stuffing. Turn right side out; press seams flat.

Pin same paper pattern to foam. Cut foam piece same size as pattern with electric knife or sharp box cutter; remove pattern. Roll up foam and insert into bed cover; unroll foam inside bed cover. Use polyester fiberfill to stuff the bed to desired loft. Whipstitch opening closed.