Phillips Screw Driver

Phillips screwdriver and screws

Almost anything that needs assembly will call for a Phillips head screw driver. You can be almost certain that on any box containing a product you have to put together, a Phillips screw driver will be the first thing mentioned on the supply list.

The majority of factories use the Phillips head screws, which are more secure than a flat head screw. The screws are light weight and usually small, with several grooves in them to grab and pull, securing the items together nicely. A Phillips screw driver is needed when you find that you have to secure one of these screws.

Electric Phillips Screwdriver

The invention of the cordless Phillips screw driver has made installation and assembly of products much easier. We can now simply secure the Phillips screw driver to the screw and flip a button to allow the tool to drive the screw into place with little to no effort on our part.