Photo Framing Supplies You will Need

When it comes to photo framing there are several supplies that you will need.


The frame is the most obvious supply. You can make your own frame with materials around the house or you can buy pre-made frames at a craft store.


Glazing usually consists of glass or plastic. It separates the photo from the open air, protecting it.

Window Mat

The window mat separates the photo from the glazing. When the glazing is pressed against the photo it begins to damage the photo.

Back Mat

When you purchasing matting, be sure to buy acid free matting. Most mats have acid that will eventually damage the photo.

Backing Board

The backing board stabilizes the matting. It is attached to the frame and sandwiches all the other parts together.

Hinges and Adhesives

Hinges connect the backing board to the front frame. Adhesives attach the photo to the mat backing. When you buy adhesives, make sure that they are acid free.

Ruler and Utility Knife

Use the ruler to help you align the photo onto the mat backing. If you are not using a pre-made frame, use the ruler and knife to cut the mat and backing to the proper size.