Photo Ideas for Making Funny Christmas Cards

Funny Christmas cards featuring photos can often do a better job at spreading Christmas cheer than cards with predictable posed photos. However, you want to keep the comedy tasteful and not too wacky as to be distracting. When looking for ideas for a humorous photo for your Christmas card, consider the following.

Putting on Costumes

Sometimes simply a small tweak to the typical photo can offer more laughs than a totally over-the-top one. If you want to take pictures for funny Christmas cards, have everyone in the family--or even just one family member--wear a costume. Dress up as Santa, Frosty, an elf, Rudolph, an angel or any other iconic figure of Christmas. If you really want to make it funny, just wear deer antlers and a deer nose but have everyone pose in a normal fashion, as if that were the way your family always looked.

Build a Snow Sculpture

If it snows where you are in time to take photos before you print your funny Christmas cards, have the family make snow sculptures around which you can pose for your cards. Try to think of sculptures that are funnier than simply a snowman. You could use the snow to create something like a fake turkey on a table made of snow or in the shape of a Christmas present and then follow up the photo with a caption stating that you're all hard at work making Christmas dinner or shopping for presents.

If you want to make a snowman, have your snowman in a funny pose, like he's trying to shovel snow or he has a shopping bag because he's busy shopping for the holiday season. You can then add a caption to the photo explaining what your snow friend was up to at the time.

Edit Your Photos

Another way to make funny Christmas cards is to take a normal, posed picture and then use a computer program to edit the photos so that they're humorous. You can crop out everyone's faces and put them over images of people on a sunny beach and then have a caption explaining that you couldn't get to the beach this year, but you're going to pretend all that snow outside is white sand. You can also add Christmas-designed clip art or backgrounds, making your family into elves in Santa's workshop or snowpeople in a snowy forest.

Swapping Family Positions

Putting a subtle spin on the typical family photo can make for funny Christmas cards as well. Think of what everyone expects in a typical, posed family photo and then turn those expectations on their head--and without a caption explaining away the joke. Maybe dress mom and dad up in clothes that look too small for them and that make them look as if they're much, much younger. A daughter can then wear one of mom's dresses that look baggy on her and a son can wear one of dad's suits that looks much too large on him, essentially dressing the parents up as the kids and the kids up as the parents.