Picking the Best Pot for Your Orchid

Choosing a pot for your orchid is simple really, however the perfect pot for your flower might not look like one that you are traditionally used to seeing in gardens. Orchids need more drainage than most flower plants so it is important to make sure that you are finding one that will keep moisture in as well as not drown your plants.  


Consider Watering When Picking Your Pot

Because orchids do not grow in typical soil, they will need a pot that has a lot of drainage capabilities. The ventilation ports also shouldn’t be too large as most orchids thrive in soil that consists of fir bark as well as other varieties, which will be lost when watering if the holes are too big.  


Plastic Varieties

Many gardeners prefer plastic pots for their orchids for several main reasons; they are well ventilated and will be much easier to deal with should you have to repot the orchid in the future. Once orchid roots have grown too large and will need a transplant, plastic pots are easy to remove roots from as well as by cutting them to remove the plant if necessary.  


Organic Pots

Natural pots constructed with organic or recycled materials are also a great option for orchid flowers. Coir pots are made completely from coconut husks and are 100% biodegradable. They are a great option for orchid flowers because the roots will attach to the sides of the pot and obtain a substantial amount of nutrients from the husks. Also, because these organic pots are all natural, transplanting is an easy process and the walls do not need to be discarded once they have moved to a new home. It will continue to provide nutrients such as zinc and magnesium, which will help fertilize your orchid.  


Pots with Larger Drainage Holes

Some of the most popular orchid pots have drainage holes in the bottom that are up to an inch and a half in diameter. The reason why these are so popular is because many orchid varieties have extremely long roots and will need room to breathe. These pots will allow the roots to grow completely out of the bottom of the pot as well as allow for proper drainage. These are often considered some of the best orchid pots available on the market.  They are commonly made out of plastic as well, making them more convenient when a transplant is needed.  


Aircone Style Orchid Pots

Aircone style pots are an inexpensive way to insure that not only do your orchids have proper drainage, but have proper air ventilation as well. They are generally see-through in construction and will allow you to be mindful of the health of your orchids roots. Also, because of the increased airflow with these plots, they help prevent any worries with the roots suffering from mold or root rot, which is often common with orchids.  

Find a pot that will work best with your garden as well as the variety of orchids you are growing.