Picture Window Removal

The purpose of the picture window is primarily to provide a great deal of light into a room and afford a beautiful view of the outside. They are typically far bigger than regular windows and thus more complicated to remove. Removing a picture window is often made even harder by the fact that in older houses there are fewer standardized fittings in use and things are not so easy to simply remove and replace. There are many innovations in the industry today which makes things easier to install and uninstall. Depending on the size of the picture window that you want to remove, you may need somebody to help you. With a basic set of DIY skills and everyday DIY tools, you should be able to do the job without having to call in a builder.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Putty knife
  • Nail set

Step 1 – Remove the Trim

Assuming that you have already cleared the area so that you can easily access the window, locate and remove the trim. The trim will meet the window sash, and you should use the pry bar to gently pry it away from the perimeter of the window. The trim is what will hold the glass in place in most cases so be sure to remove it very carefully as you can end up breaking the glass. If you are dealing with a window of considerable size, it is strongly advisable to have somebody to help you by supporting the glass panel and preventing it from falling.

Step 2 – Remove Caulk

There will be various seams beside the glass which will have caulk applied to them. The purpose of this is to help make the installation weatherproof and seal it from any draft. Scrape this away the caulk carefully using a putty knife. This needs to be done thoroughly.

Step 3 – Remove the Glass

When you have removed the putty and the trim, the glass should simply lift out of place. Take great care in doing this as, of course, it is very fragile. Place the glass panel so that it is not going to getting your way. If the glass panel does not lift out, make sure that you have not left any caulk behind.

Step 4 – Remove the Remaining Trim

Once you have removed the glass panel, remove any remaining trim around the frame of the window. Again, use the pry bar to do this. It will be easier to work now as there is no glass in the window and you don’t have to worry about breaking it.

Step 5 – Remove the Window Frame

Finally, you need to remove the window frame. You will need to pry the wooden frame loose using the pry bar, removing any nails along the way. Work systematically, with one area at a time. Eventually, you should be able to pry the entire frame loose and, if you are careful, you shouldn’t damage the wall.