Molding 4 - Simple Miter Cuts

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Once you have cut your molding, you are ready to build your frames. Here's how to make various kinds of cuts.

Making Rabbet Cuts

A rabbet cut in the back of the frame is necessary before the miter cuts are made to make the groove, which will hold the glass and picture. A router or table saw with dado blades can be used to make the rabbet cut. Place the router flat on the stock with the bit away from the wood until it is at full speed. Applying even pressure, make a rabbet cut on each piece of molding. Wear goggles, a mask, and ear protection.

Making Miter Cuts

Miters can be cut quickly and accurately by using a power miter saw, a table saw or a good miter box. It is difficult to get exact cuts, so be patient and practice. Adjust the miter saw or fence of the table saw to a 45-degree angle, tighten the clamp down and make the cut. Turn the wood around to make a miter cut on the other end. Cut each piece of molding to its exact length. Use a jig to be sure opposite sides are the same length. You can make these from plywood and an adhesive ruler and this is then bolted to the miter gauge.

Assembling the Picture Frame

Apply glue evenly to all joints. Try not to get any excess glue on the wood. Apply a generous amount of glue as the end grain will soak it up. Use frame clamps to hold all edges of the frame firmly in place. Let the glue dry completely (at least 24 hours) before removing the clamps.