Brief Information on Designing a Bathroom Floor With Mosaic Tiles

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Mosaic tiles are a great way to give your bathroom floor design a classic and attractive look that any homeowner would love. The configuration of these tiles makes them incredibly flexible for custom design.

12x12-Inch Sheets

Mosaic floor tiles come in 12x12-inch sheets that are comprised of many smaller tiles arranged in a symmetrical pattern. The individual tiles are held together by a mesh backing that also keeps the tiles spaced evenly. An actual mosaic tile is only a few inches big. The mesh backing allows these tiles to be cut into any size imaginable, making them an ideal choice for creating accents or borders in your floor design.

By incorporating full size mosaic 12x12-inch sheets with individual rows of mosaic tiles you can create interesting and original bathroom floor designs. The next time you have company, you're new mosaic tile will have them wondering who you're interior designer is.