A pilaster is a rectangular support which resembles a flat column. The pilaster projects only slightly from the wall, and has a base, a shaft, and a capital.

Why Choose a Pilaster?

• To add interest to an otherwise dull entry space.
• Give added strength and support to bookcases.
• Frame up a dull fireplace.
• Looks like a large support column without the expense.

Do it Yourself Pilaster

Adding interest to your front entry, built in book case and/or fireplace is a relatively easy task for the seasoned do-it-yourselfer. Using pre cut or pre formed pilasters makes it easy to install your decoration as they are pre-sized to fit in the space required. 

Pilasters are installed by using glue and nails, and when properly installed may add value to your property. As with the use of columns, a pilaster takes on an element of Ancient Greece, Rome or the Italian Renaissance. Whether plain or ornate, installing pilasters can be a grand or practical addition to any home.