Pine Furniture Shining Solutions

Pine Furniture is a soft wood that can lose its shiny luster and become soiled with time. If you are looking to bring the shine back into your Pine furniture, it only takes a few steps.

Clean the Furniture

Before you start with the mixed solution, you will want to clean your pine furniture so that it is free of excess dust and dirt. You can do this by using any all purpose cleaner.

Mix the Solution

Next, in a glass bowl, mix the following items together: 1 cup of mineral oil with 1 tbsp. of pine oil. Next, stir in ¼ cup of a soft soap and 1 cup of warm water. The soft soap can be any soap that is easily soluble. The most common types of soft soap are liquid.

Rub in the Solution

Put some of the above mixed solution onto a soft cloth. Rub the pine wood with the cloth, while turning the cloth many times. You want to make sure you get a liberal amount of the solution on the pine furniture, but you do not want to soak it. Rub off the soiled parts of the pine furniture. After you are done, take a dry cloth and buff off excess moisture.   

If you are looking for other pine shining solutions, there are many sprays on the market that help pine shine. Be sure not to get anything with ammonia, as it strips the finish of the pine wood.