Within the housing industry, the term pitch refers to the incline of a roof. A Carpenter builds rafters for the roof after determining what the pitch should be. Basically, pitch is the ratio of vertical and horizontal measurements.

How to Calculate Pitch

A roof’s pitch is determined by the number of inches it rises for every twelve inches of horizontal run. For example, is a roof that rises three inches vertically for every twelve inches of horizontal distance has a a 3 in 12 pitch. You may also know this as the geometrical term “slope”.

Why is Pitch Important?

In northern climates, a steep roof will help keep the snow from accumulating and causing the roof to collapse under the weight sttress it may endure. In southern climates, shingles that hold moisture may encourage the growth of algae or moss.  Ultimately, the pitch you and your builder determine to be right for your house may have as much to do with aesthetics as it does with durability.