Planning a Hydronic Heating System for Your Home

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The hydronic heating system, used both in residential and commercial buildings, uses hot water supplied by the boiler to heat the space. The system might use one of several kinds of heat distributors to do this, but the most popular version is placed under the floor. A hydronic heating system can help you save hundreds of dollars in heating costs each year as the heat remains long after the source is turned off. Outdoor versions of the hydronic heating system are used to melt ice or snow on sidewalks. The following article will help you plan for using a hydronic heating system.

Determine the Area to Heat

The hydronic heating system can be placed anywhere in your home. The square footage will determine how much MDF board you may need, how much PEX tubing as well as how many heating terminals you will need. Use a measuring tape to measure the livable space of the home. You will need to purchase equipment that works with the space you wish to heat.

Different Hydronic Heating System Solutions

When you hear about hydronic heating systems you will often think about heating the floor. Though this is a popular version of the hydronic heating system; it's not the only kind. Baseboards, radiators, and kick heaters are also forms of the hydronic heating system. Baseboard heat is very common in homes, and though typically electric in nature, hydronic systems are also available. A kick heater is placed under cabinets and radiators are typically along the walls. Floor heat uses PEX tubing in a special board to allow the hot water to flow and to warm the floor.

Heating Load

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It is very important that before you go ahead with installing a hydronic heating system you know how much load your current system can handle. This is where a trained plumbing professional comes into the picture. The plumber will be able to analyze the current load of your boiler system.

The plumber will also tell you how many heads you will need (for an above the floor hydronic heating system) or how many terminating points you will need for a floor system. Heating your entire home with this system may require you to purchase a larger boiler.

One or More Zones

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You can create a hydronic heating system with one zone in mind, but you can also have multiple zones. Each zone you create will have its own control switch so you can set and control temperature. The zones can be tied into one system, which will feed each heat source.

Outdoor Use

One of the more unique features about the hydronic heating system is that you can install it outside. The PEX tubing can be installed within the concrete of your driveway and as it heats it will heat the concrete. This means you will no longer have to worry about snow or ice keeping your trapped inside the home. It can also be used to heat a garage or work building.