Planning And Constructing Your Own Home Library

Everyone who appreciates or collects literature deserves a proper home library. Although planning and creating a home library is a considerable task, its successful execution will bring you joy for years to come.

Begin by Selecting a Location for the Library:

If you have not already selected a space to have a library, there are several considerations you should ponder before choosing where to place the library. Primarily, consider how much traffic you want around your library. If you enjoy solitude, the library should have its own room away from the living space of your home.

Next, consider how much space your books require. Take into account how much your book collection will grow in proportion to what you already own.

For a beginner, the best place to install a library is in a private room that can comfortably contain six or eight bookcases around its perimeter. Plan on having space for a small end table and at least one comfortable chair or loveseat to relax in while enjoying the library.

Purchase Appropriate Bookcases and Furniture:

Measure the width and depth for your new bookcases that will easily fit in their prescribed places. Take into consideration the path of the library door and how much floor space you will need.

Next, purchase bookcases that evoke the mood that you’re looking to set inside your library. Choose a lighter natural-wood for a relaxed lighthearted feel or a darker stained or painted bookcase for a deeper and thoughtful mood.

It is advisable to install your bookcases into the library before purchasing the furniture you will be using in the room. Once your book cases are built and installed, measure the remaining available space and a comfortable piece of furniture that will fit. Choose your furniture to match or compliment the colors of your bookcases to create a unified feel.

Decide How you Will Organize the Bookcases:

Once all of the furniture has been properly arranged and safely secured, the only thing missing are the books. Before randomly stacking the books into the cases, decide if you want to organize them in a specific way for quick recall. You may organize the books alphabetically or categorically. Perhaps you wish to create your own system of organization based upon when you received the books or what they are used for.

Once you have determined how you wish to organize your library begin stacking the books into the bookshelves. Be sure that the books are touching the back of the bookcase to prevent falling. When all of the books have found an appropriate place, you may consider labeling the sections. Use some sort of label or marker to denote which books are contained in a certain area or shelf. After labeling, you will have created a functional and beautiful personal library to enjoy with your friends and family.