Planning for a Bathroom Storage Cabinet

worker installing bathroom storage cabinets

The average bathroom size is significantly smaller now than it was 30 years ago. A bathroom storage cabinet is one way to alleviate the cramped feeling of your bathroom. As the cost of real estate increases, a room where you will pay for the premium on space is the bathroom.

Bathrooms traditionally contained a storage cabinet to hold towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. Many bathrooms now include only a little more space than what is required to fit a toilet, sink, and bathtub. With a little creative planning, you can develop a bathroom storage solution that will fit your needs and space.

Planning Bathroom Storage to Fit Your Space

The space available in your bathroom is the primary limiting factor when considering what type of bathroom storage cabinet best fits your needs. Measure your bathroom space. You will need a space at least two feet wide and one foot deep. If you have a free wall that meets the width requirements but is not deep enough, then you may consider a built-in cabinet that utilizes space within the wall.

Freestanding Bathroom Storage Cabinets Versus Built-In Cabinets

A built-in cabinet utilizes space behind the drywall in your bathroom, but it requires some carpentry and drywall skills. You also need to ensure that the wall to be altered is not a load-bearing wall. Alterations to a load-bearing wall can be costly and complicated. A free-standing bathroom storage unit is a better choice if space is available.

Some freestanding units can be wall-mounted to go above toilets or sinks. This hybrid option presents the best of both worlds. If you own your property and are looking for a long-term solution, a built-in bathroom storage cabinet can add value to your home. A custom-built freestanding unit that fits the floor-to-ceiling area of an existing open space within your bathroom is usually the best option for homeowners.

Final Tips on Bathroom Storage

If you decide to install bathroom storage yourself, carefully plan the materials and dimensions. Water can damage wood, so properly seal it to prevent damage from steam. Do not block access to essential plumbing fixtures with a built-in unit. If you keep functional and space factors in mind when planning your bathroom storage cabinet, you will enjoy a storage solution that looks great for years to come.