Planning for a Tub to Shower Conversion

Completing a tub to shower conversion isn’t very difficult and can definitely be completed by an avid do-it-yourselfer. The most important part of completing a tub to shower conversion is the planning. Without sufficient planning, converting a tub to a shower can prove almost impossible. Once you have decided to go ahead with the conversion, you should make sure to answer the following questions during the planning process.

How was Your Bath Installed?

You will need to know how the bath tub is connected to the plumbing system so you don’t destroy any pipes during the removal process.

Do You Have a Friend Who Can Help?

Much of the work you will have to do to complete the conversion is tedious and slow. If you have a friend to help, you can move through the process more quickly. A friend will be especially helpful when it comes time to remove the tile from the wall surrounding the tub. You will surely need some help in removing the tub from the bathroom as well.

Do You Have the Proper Tools?

If you don’t have a large collection of tools, you may need to purchase a few before you begin this job. You will need a chisel to remove the tiles from the wall of the bath tub. You may need a saw to access the valves that cause the bathtub to work. Most of the tools that you need can be found at your local home improvement store. If not, check a local plumbing supply store. A well-stocked hardware store may have everything you need as well.

Do You Want a Pre-built or Custom Shower?

You can buy a pre-built shower that is acrylic and will cover all of the areas that were exposed from the tub removal. These acrylic pre-built showers offer quicker and easier installation. They can also be purchased in a wide variety of colors and styles to accommodate any bathroom layout.

For a custom shower, you will have to lay the tile yourself. While this is not terribly difficult, you do have to purchase the proper number of tiles, lay each one by hand, and grout the entire shower. If you are up for the challenge, a custom shower will be beautiful and will perfectly match the style and design of your bathroom. Creating a custom shower will add time to the overall process, however, the rewards are often worth the extra effort.

Is there a Line Present for the Shower Head?

It is obvious that you have to have a shower head for a tub to shower conversion. Many bath tubs are already fit with a shower head. If your bathroom does not have a shower head installed already, you will probably have to run a line into the wall and install one. Don’t forget that this needs to be done before you add the shower to the space.

That’s it. If you properly plan for a tub to shower conversion, you can have the work done in no time.