Planning an Egress Window and Window Well

egress window

If there is an emergency exit from the basement of a home, you will be required to install an egress window. This window can either be a small casement window, or a larger window that can be opened like a door. Many people choose to install an egress window in their basement if they have living space, bedrooms, and workshops. These egress windows are a fantastic improvement to a basement and will add value to your home.

Plan Before Installation

First plan the location of your egress window. Take into account many different things that can impact the egress window and your home itself. Sit down with a pen and some paper and draw out your basement perimeter. Position the different items that are outside, as well as the doors and other windows in your home. Using the drawn plan, you should be able to see where you can install an egress window.

Rain Water Runoff

Consider where the rain water generally flows in your yard. Even with rain gutters on the edge of the roof, your landscape will have a natural flow of water. Examine the house for signs of water runoff. Placing an egress window in that area will result in constant water problems. Exclude the area from your plan.

Natural Lighting

Depending on when you are going to be using the basement area the most, you may consider placing the window in an area that will receive more or less light from the sun. This natural light will not only help with the electric bill, but it will also keep the area warmer in the afternoon sun. Mark an area on your plan where you believe is the best place for natural lighting.

Outdoor Obstacles

As you are doing your walk around the house to choose the right location to install the egress window, locate any outdoor obstacles to your plan. Exclude areas with a central air conditioning unit, outdoor water spigots, electrical junction boxes, and anything else that will get in the way of installing the egress window.

Organic Obstacles

Once you find the different types of outdoor obstacles that are in the way of the egress window, you should also take a look at the different organic obstacles. That means the different shrubs and trees that may be planted there. They can be removed if there is no other place for the egress window, but if you really like these items, you may want to continue looking.

Windows and Doors

There are some windows and doors under which you will not be able to install an egress. Large sliding doors and bay windows are already taking up much of the wall space and structural integrity of the home. Installing a large egress window in the foundation will only weaken that side of the home more.
With your plan in hand, and all of these items marked on it, you can make a final determination of where to install your egress window.